Thank You Video from Alveena – An International OSSD Student

Back in 2021 when I completed my grade 11, I was looking at various programs that offered grade 12 qualifications that would allow me to pursue my post-secondary education upon my completion of it. After a thorough research, I came across Toronto eSchool and I was impressed with the amount of resources that were provided on their website as well as I had a one-to-one conversation with my guidance counselor, Ms. Rebecca, who explained to me what were the suitable course combinations as I intended to pursue the Bachelor of nursing program in Canada. Thereafter, I decided to study grade 12 at Toronto eSchool which lasted for about 10 months and it was really flexible for me as I could submit my assignments without any deadlines and I could easily receive feedback from my course instructors, who provided timely and effective feedback that would allow me to reflect upon my current progress in the course. Besides, I received admission offers from six universities, such as Queen’s university, University of Calgary, for Bachelor of nursing, natural sciences and health on the basis of my seven courses I had taken at Toronto eSchool. Due to my academic achievements, the school has applied for me as the Ontario Scholar award from the Ministry of Education which definitely is a special recognition from their end! Nevertheless, the staff and the course instructors are really supportive and would want to see their students succeed.

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