Christmas and New Year Greetings from Toronto eSchool


Greetings to all our students, parents, staff and agents around the globe.

Toronto eSchool would like to once again extend our sincerest best wishes to you during this 2023-2024 Holiday season. Despite a number of international issues this year, we all have a golden opportunity to now reflect on our good fortune and plan for an even more successful 2024. TES student registration continues to grow worldwide and our Graduates are continuing to secure post-secondary placements in vast array of countries.
I look forward to meeting many of you one day at our new incredible location; 105 Moatfield Drive, 11th floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3B 3L6.

Dan Bowyer, Principal of Toronto eSchool
Rebecca Wang, Vice Principal of Toronto eSchool


多伦多在线高中谨在 2023-2024 年假期期间再次向您致以最诚挚的祝福。尽管今年出现了许多国际问题,但我们现在都有一个绝好的机会在 2024 年取得更加成功。TES 学生注册人数在全球范围内持续增长,我们的毕业生将继续在全球获得各国大学的录取。

我期待着有一天在令人难以置信的新办公大楼见到你们中的许多人: 105 Moatfield Drive, Toronto。

Dan Bowyer,多伦多在线高中校长
Rebecca Wang, 多伦多在线高中副校长

Principal Dan Bowyer and Vice Principal Rebecca Wang

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